torek, 06. julij 2010

European championship 2010 (Agér, Spain)

3 more days and we will pack all camping stuff, put the gliders on the van and start our voyage trough Italy, France and finnaly to Spain.
17th European championship will be held in small village called Agér, 2 hours drive to the north from Barcelona.
This year we will have a team of 5 pilots:

Alan Sattler
Primoz Gricar
Franc Peternel
Stanislav Galovec
Matjaz Klemencic

We could expand the number of pilots but it was already too late for making quick plans so no one else from Slovenia was in the mood to do it.

Primoz is already rocking at Espana open, Spain nationals, where he is in the lead after 4 tasks. Seems like a hot iron in the mold for Europeans. There will be also a hot race for team champions as there are numerous good teams flying in the comp.

For all the readers of my blog I took a look at the blogs that will be writing about Europeans this year and here they are:



Corinna`s sky

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And of course my blog, where I will try to write and show as much as I can about it trough the words and pictures.

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