sreda, 26. september 2012

No place like home

After Turkey, dust, flats etc. I was hardly waiting to get back on my home hill Kobala. Amazing how nice it is to see again the trees over the mountains :)

We had quite a dry summer here so the colours are switched a bit this year. It should start becoming brown from top of the mountains down but as it was so dry you could see brown spots lower in the valley on the ridges. Actually these are the spots where thermals are triggering as you can see that places facing most of the time to the sun where absolutely most brown of all.
I am back to Gorica now already, back to work back to my old life. It was nice to spend time around for nearly 2 months.
After Turkey we came home with hope of a bit bigger refunds for our silver medal as we would get higher rating in sports category at our Olympic association. But.... The drum roll finished two days before we got back home so in the end we will be left with huge portion of refunds for our Turkey competition. This is how things are done in Slovenia, you don`t know wetter you will get your costs back or not until the last working day of the year. Then suddenly your club gets refunds and club is the on then having problems to transfer the money to us pilots who have had to pay for everything before.
What does that mean now for us?
Team was well pumped up for Australia and there was a slight chance that we will actually get down in bigger number but... It all ended up with one phone call to our Flying association who refused to let us send filled contracts for the categories 2 days later.
So the wish for the Worlds in 2012 is cut down by bureaucracy.
I will focus now on Litespeed RX which I badly want for my next season. The level of my flying definitely went higher this year and I am sure that it can go even higher next year. Well, I will need to sort it out with my stupid "push on" flying :D

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