ponedeljek, 01. oktober 2012

Why we come back

The tittle t this project came out of the way of how my life is travelling between working Gorica and home town Tolmin. Especially in summer I am like nomad with the pillow and a glider on top of my car coming back to this valley where soul rests out of the working rush days.
As I had an idea to film bits of places around this valley I was lucky enough to get latest machine, a phone :D, Nokia 808 PureView to film this.
It mad me hike around places where I have not been in years. When there is nice weather we are in the air not hiking up the mountains. So it was a good excuse for a bit of exercise during windy days.
The filming was with out any story I was just filming and filming and hoped I will come up with something good in the end. Well it satisfied me. I still need to work on my glide camera system as it is not working quite good, a motorised dolly is still in the making, buying a new one would cost me something more then 1000 € but when I calculated how much I spent already for small parts, well.... Price seems more reasonable now :D

Hope you will like it, please watch it in 1080p and with some good speakers to it ;)

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