četrtek, 06. september 2012

Task 7, 70 km

Another day, another blue sky, another work out. Today it was a bit better on the take off as we got a bit more height in this area where we had really bad conditions in past days here. With start gate open I was just in the right thermal and waited thinking of taking next start gate. Balasz was just above me but after 10 minutes thermal slowed down so I had to choose. I went on, with 10 minute delay but as I had thermals marked in front I was just a little bellow the first gaggle at the half of the task. We split in to two gaggles one more to the south where I was as well and we went up slower than the one a bit to the north. Once we started the glide towards the last turnpoint near the big mountains I waited to have people in front and see what is happening.
I went more to the right as it seems there is better air but got suddenly in to a really bad air, few seconds of -7 m/s and my gaggle was way above my head.
You can get quite bad areas here, the day before I nearly landed with the same sink but it got better later. Yesterday, when you where low you got slow. Gaggle to the North got a screaming thermal and just glided on to the goal while I drifted until I landed on the last turnpoint. One bad moment with bad air and you are done, while there is nearly 55 pilots in goal. I was soooo pissed off.
Guess I forgot this bag of luck at home...

Slovenia team went on and got to the goal a little bit slower than team Germany and Spain but remained 300 points in the lead.
They say weather should get better now for two days, but... Let us see, no signs of clouds outside, another gamble day...

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