sobota, 08. september 2012

Task 9, 72km

Yesterday we had the last task of the European championship 2012. It all started with strong cross wind on the start and panic when dust devil came and flipped some gliders. I jumped over the fence while Swiss Nick ran just under me and I crashed him to the ground :D His glider was flipped over mine the same as I flipped over him but gliders where ok so where we after the small crash :)

It looked like that we will not have the task when it started to turn to the right side late at 2 pm. Briefing and a 72 km task was set.
I was thermaling up and looking where others are when I suddenly saw small spots over me and I was at 2500 m. Wow, it goes high today and a short task.
We ended up at 4000 some at the limits and some over the limit. Everyone started the glide more to the north over the hills while some of us went straight towards the turnpoint to the west.
It worked quite well but the day was soon shutting down and those who went to the hills came higher over the turnpoint and where able to continue back to the goal.

Fours of Slovenia pilots made it to the goal so second team place was in our hands. Primoz was 4th so he will get 3rd place. Alex Ploner is continuing his very good form also here with a new European champion tittle. Dan, who played a back game whole competition ended up at 2nd place.

This is however first team medal for Slovenia at FAI 1 competition in our history and we are all very happy about it. Italy was class of its own here and we congratulate them for very good result. On third place there was a battle  between Spain and Germany, but Spain remained its position after the task yesterday.

Now we are off for the price giving ceremony and then straight in to the van for 30 hour ride back home. End of the season? Competition season for this year yes, but I have one more jolly in my pocket :)

I dreamed about this place for long time, see you there ;)

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Frnandu Martiński pravi ...

Hi Matjaz,
me too had dreamed about flying in the dolomites for years.
Finally this september it came true :