torek, 04. september 2012

Task 6, 87km

Another day that started with blue thermik and ended with it as well. The only difference today was much less wind. The beginning
was hard again, I got very low again but managed to climb back up and get together with the main group on 4o km where we went to 3000m and went on a bit easier. I missed one good thermal on the way to the south and ended up back in the 7m/s sink that lasted for quite long. Scratching back up and then to the north with one climb to the goal.
Seems like Macedonian Nikola won the day with about 30 pilots in goal. Our Frim was 4th with me and Stanko coming in later. Franc got unlucky with power lines right on the goal cilinder so he had to land 100 m before.
Looks like team Slovenia will hold strong on the second place with Spanish behind our back. 3 more days...

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