torek, 04. september 2012

5th task, 82km

Killing the gliders with sand
Another blue day with inversion layer just a bit above the take off. The intervals in front of the take off where coming in 15 minutes and with a push system many where forced to take off to really bad air. When I got in the line to take off I saw that people are loosing height so I went back in the line and waited rather than bomb out and do a stressful reflight.
I got a nice timing and got a thermal up where most of the pilots who where cruising for already 1.5h joined bellow me. We got to the top of the thermal where me and Suan went out to the edge of the start cylinder to wait there. Well we, waited, on the ground.
Not one thermal to catch, Joze Frim our team member ignored the time and went on to the first group and flew the course.
20 pilots made it to the goal with Christian Chiech winning the day as he took the second start gate and others the first one.
Our Stanislav is rocking here with his Rs4, he flew the whole course nearly by himself where first group joined him at the last turn point.

Everyone is putting out their ballast here, I went down a bit but not enough, some even put out 8 kg. This tells you the story what is curving the most of the result list here.

German team games with us :)
Slovenia team had 2 pilots in goal so we got up strong 350 points ahead of Spain now.

Drama around telephones got its high point yesterday. We bought the Turkishcell SIM cards in faith that we will have cheaper calls and better coverage here. Well, seems like a lot of stolen phones are coming to Turkey so they just lock them until you don`t come there with your passport and they unlock it for you. We arranged all the papers for them but still, SMS that we got days before with warning that it will be all locked on 3th of September got true.
Pilots landed, phones where not working, so yes, you use your home SIM card, but bureaucracy is winning over healthy thoughts again...

Another weak day ahead of us.

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