sobota, 01. september 2012

Task 4, 71km

Today they told us already in the morning that wind will be stronger today. On take off it looked like less wind and really slow thermals if some. Our Franc was in line the first to go in this bad air so he waited for a push which we have every day from one of the Austria team.
They had big problems to climb up and next interval was even worse and many bombed out. I got lucky with a thermal. Today I put out a bit of led and suddenly I was climbing much better than previous days in this week conditions.
Day was better then yesterday afterwards with better climbs and I was on my way with leading gaggle.
I went bellow Chiech to find a climb that he had but got only some bubbles left bellow so we where all slowly drifting away fron the course line. I tried to go back but N wind was just too strong.
Alan and Primoz made it to the goal.
The whole competition is more like gamble with take off conditions and of course huge portion of luck on the course. Interesting but not satisfying.

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