sobota, 25. avgust 2012

Testing the Kayseri sky

I was really looking forward for this day, to finally see that take off with big tribunes especially made for this competition. Well, Ali Mountain hosted many huge PG comps and am sure this tribunes will be used for next competitions as well.
When you walk trough the first part of the Kayseri city, Talas, you see buildings being made 4 at the time. Huge flat houses and it rises the question, who buys all of this. We, young people of Europe hardly afford a place to rent, not thinking about buying something for yourself, while here flat houses they grow like mushrooms.
After the registration we went to the city to change our Euros for Lyra money and where already talked many times for some deals to buy carpets, but yes this is the part of it here.
After that we went on the mountain, huge open space where most of the Europe pilots where here already. We took off and enjoyed the area around Ali Mountain while some tried the small task to the flats back but it all ended up soon as the sky was totally blue. 
I choose the landing next to the headquaters with very changing wind but at our landing at home it is the same every day so the landing was nothing special. 

The landscape is nice, flat, dry, but I am quite sure when the day is good it must be really nice to be fast over this fields and read more the sky then the ridges like we have to at home. 

Tomorrow we have an opening ceremony in the evening, but we hope we get some flying tomorrow as well. Sprog measuring in the morning and then straight up.

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