sreda, 29. avgust 2012

First task 87km

As the forecast was not so good they decided for a smaller task with 87 km. I had to start among the first ones as 5th so I had to spend 1.5h in the air. Once high it was not a problem but quite a struggle to get there.
I saw first four in the air, where they had no lift but someone pushed when I was in the line to take off. Number 47 if I remember right and without number I assume who can be that stupid to push 46 pilots in to really bad air. Well was not that bad but ugly. Who ever does not know what push system is, it shortly means everyone before him must take off in 1 minute also he. So he rolled out everyone in to the air.
After that quite some hard termals but I was doing good with Cristian Chiech and Gerd. At the second point I saw first gaggle of 5 pilots and rushed to them while Gerd and others found a nice lift behind me. Wind of up to 40 km/h stopped me so I pushed out in to the flats while others where able to glide back to the ridge with clouds. I landed 5 km before the last turnpoint and I think around ten made it over high enough to go on. Few more landed a bit further. All in all nice flying and a long way to go.
Soon as I landed a man came to see this wonder and called someone who brought water melon. Nice people :)
I am here with Tiffy where we are having a deja vu from firat task of worlds where we where together and few where making it further.

Now lets see how retrieve system works :)

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