nedelja, 26. avgust 2012

Sprog measurement and opening ceremony

As I wrote yesterday, the idea was to fly today, but in the end new system of sprog measuring was no working quite as it should.
Now the system is that we need to measure the gliders and come up with the numbers to the almighty Pelici from where on we where free to go. Simple as it should be.

I wrote already last year FAI and CIVL should be the one to have measurements before the competition on some web page either competition web page or some more fancy one of our highest bodies by that I mean official settings for all the manufacturers.
I thankfully knew exactly what I needed to do with the glider as I did quite a lot of settings in the past month with the inclinometer that I bought myself. Many others did not had that chance and had to ask for the numbers at the desk. Numbers that where proposed where varying from pilot to pilot so overall mess was here again.
I was very quick with my glider as it was prepared for this settings, while some where struggling to get the knowledge on "how to" do it.
Is it that heavy to write it before???

We were to late to have the flight today as we were too much laid back and were slow on getting back to the head quaters.
We had to go to the Turkcel office to find the credit for our SIM cards that where sold by two guys here previous days. With broken English I somehow knew that I can get he internet I by sending an SMS with certain words inside. Non of it was true and we had to buy the credit and then send this SMS.
We where told about the package for 12 Lyra where we will be able to communicate trough our cells by sms and talk but today the package was suddenly not available at the office. It did not exist. So... :D We could by for 10 € 1000 sms but we could not talk or just buy a credit where our SMS will be nearly as costly as from our home cells..... Quite a punch in the head for today. Thank god we had found alll this info by ourselves before the real thing starts to happen with retrival and stuff.

Then we had an opening ceremony where we walked down Talas streets with a small concert. In the end our stomachs had to be filed so we went trough the streets for a taste of real Kebab. We got a grilled meat plate that was spiced with a huge bill. Punch in the head second time for today :D But it was good to taste. Seems like cooking by our selves will be the best option for next 14 days.
Tomorrow we have to go to fly as many pilots had to change their settings a lot. Then, on Tuesday, the real thing begin.

P.s.: People that have flown today reported flying up to 5000m with cold. Lets hope for something like this tomorrow :)

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