torek, 28. avgust 2012

Test day

Yesterday we had a test day which one I used only for a free flight while others have flown a small tinny 50 km task. I spare my energy for next days as I think we should fly a lot, for tomorrow yes it looks like overdevelopment but it is hard to believe that big clouds can actually form here as it is every day dry as hell. When you fly you drink a lot as you feel the dust in the air in your mouth and when you land you change in to a camel with water close to you.

The land is Lanzarote look a like as it is mostly volcanic made and rocks are here and there waiting for you. I have this my way of landing with my leg on the ground on the glide but it seems I will have to change this technique here as yesterday I played football with three heavy rocks and today my feet is a bit soar. Well, we go to fly not to walk so no problem.
This year I am going to team leader briefings so spare me for some late reports, but be sure there will be plenty of live news over my Twitter to your right and here on blog as well.

Today we start the game :)

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