četrtek, 30. avgust 2012

2nd task, 92km

Day was forecasted for blue with less wind so it called for a though day. I had to take off 5th, I really don't like this system when you need to go in order and you can only wish for a good air when you come out. Many people bombed out today, I had luck to climb out and start this though survival game over the flats to the E. 
I was a bit to fast and was in front when I noticed they catch a small thermal behind and it was too late to turn back. I was drifting over the flats but with no good thermal. I landed soon after 20 km.

Pedro from Spain made it far to 4 km before goal while most of the pilots went down at first turnpoint at 45 km.

After my landing the fun began. Look for your self and multiply this to two hours :) (Shot with Nokia Pure View 808)

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