sreda, 15. avgust 2012

Kobala open 2012, 1 task

It started all bombastic with a great weather for the day.They set up a really interesting task for which I was really looking forward.
Already two days before we had quite rough air with thermals with sharp edges and today was no exception. I took of the first and was 2000m before first even started behind. There was a small mistake in opening the window as there was only 50 minutes from briefing to the race but with 44 pilots this should not be a big problem. We gathered in high mountains to start the race and went on to Stol.

Here I thermaled up and saw guys flying to the ridge in the back when it enlighten me that I forgot to make a curve out in the valley for the point. I thought we need to race Stol all the way to the end... 4 km behind me and Elio we where trying our best
We flew all the way to the far back in the high mountains where things where really strong and then out to the small hills. I went on in hope for a decent air but air was really bad on the way so I nearly got stuck in a forest valley. I jumped over the ridge in to the lee side and had quite a rough flight back. In the end I made it to the goal landing field but with out Kobarid turnpoint.
Tradititonal Kobala open for me. I just hope that we get more good weather these days so I can correct everything a bit.
First in was Franc Peternel, followed by Tom Weissenberger and Primoz Gricar in third place. Tom had a problem on the landing field as someone drove over his harness braking his gps. Bad situation.

Results can be found HERE

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