četrtek, 16. avgust 2012

Kobala open 2012, 2nd task

Second day of Kobala open was again set up with a very technical task. Quite a lot of crossing over the valleys. Getting the start point was very technical, air around Kobala was good but as soon as we went on to the edge of 5 km cylinder the air was not that good so I ended up low on the first start gate with Elio. We got back to Kobala and thermaled up and got a nice second start gate quite high.

Everything went smooth on, on the glide to far SW point we already saw first group coming back and everything was fine. I turn around as it beeps and go back 4 km to the ridge. It was strange to me as it felt like I turned before, but in the area was another turnpoint which is a bridge as well so I assumed something was wrong but was not sure. I lost quite some time here and went on with a bad feeling of the task. I came in  little bit behind Elio but yes, I turned the turnpoint on 2 km as I wrote in the instrument wrong task.
Yet another year with the worst comp at my home yard....

Primoz won the day ahead of Pedro from Spain and Tom in third. Today the forecast is not so good and overcasted sky is already at the sight. We will see. From here on it is all just good training for Turkey. I guess I will sit down long at the task board now to get things written right!

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