sreda, 03. avgust 2011

World championship "wrap up"

So it ended, my first World champs with only two flying days. This is ringing the bell from Greifenburg, but still, we flew there 3 days, yet it stays in my mind as a comp with one black dot over it.

I was reading over internet how we had days where we could fly and so on. I want to say that I am for the first time happy with work of organisers and safety committee who did a good job at preventing the task to be dangerous. Last day was the last day, but somehow you can understand their decision as well. Some pilots where arguing about terrible conditions others about wanting to fly, it is not easy to judge while watching pilots get thrown around in the area of competition.

They should be a good example to all organisers as we almost everywhere experience the great need of getting competition scored or just organisers wanting to show the chances of their local areas while the weather is not suitable for this flights.

My flying
How much can you tell from a result that was produced in two days. I could be 20 up and 40 down, just by one wrong or right decision.
After crouded skies in Ager gaggle waiting was here piece of cake compared to the between rockets flying in Spain.

On both tasks I got up on 3/4 of task with the leading gaggle but here is my mistake. I saw that already from my long runs, when I am coming to the end of the run, last km I push on to finish fast, but, hang gliding is not a long therm run, there must be patience involved as well. I saw a gaggle going forward to the blue sky and went behind them aldo I knew that there is a big chance of getting grounded there. And so we did, all of us. Dan Vyhnalik was behind us and thermaled up to the cloudbase and got in to goal on a first day. Point one, trust yourself more.
So, after 3/4 of the task I start to make my own decisions of pushing forward which usually don´t end up with good result.

Pre flight preparations
I see that by getting a bigger number of comps in my flight book makes me more chilled after few years of competitions. At the beginning all the rush from moving to take off, rigging, briefing and so on, it all made me quite nervous, now I enjoy it in one way.
Nokia gave me nice bluetooth earplugs that made my rigging on take off a party of its own. Combination of more experiences and this unplugged world made me really relaxed for the task every day.

Somehow even my live blogging made me relaxed as I had to sit down and think about what will I write and not think about the rush of people next to you.

So, satisfied with the results, I can not say, satisfied with my approach to the overall comp, yes, I am, and this is a good path to take all of this experiences to the next round of FAI1 comps, to Turkey next year.

I would like to thank all the staff at World champs to make this 14 days as they where. Really good job! They could talk better with the one in charge for the weather but, we all know that he does not want to listen many times :)
I meet some really great people here at Worlds and spend some great time there either on the ground or in the air.

Now, as we had so much bad weather, I hope it all clears up for Ducth nationals and Kobala open in Tolmin.

Come come people :D

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