četrtek, 18. avgust 2011

Task 3

We all stud off on take off waiting for better conditions as we saw first guys coming up to 50 m over take off and then stopping there for at least half an hour.

Things started to get better later and we where all of the hill in no time. Start cilinder was bigger this time so we where able to make the start gate in the back mountains.
I was making a thermal when it beeped for a start gate but I still did not had a good height to make a pass over the high mountain pass but went for it and somehow made it over. I was all the time bellow the big gaggle pushing forward all the time until the last turnpoint where I found a nice thermal over the "boobs" hills where gaggle caught me at the same height for the first time in the day. Primoz Suan and Stanislav where already gliding to the goal when we went for the last turnpoint next to Kobarid.

Very very nice and scenic flight today in the high mountains, I enjoy them always aldo I saw them many times, but people who where there for the first time today must have enjoyed it even more for sure.
24 pilots in goal today, results are HERE

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