nedelja, 21. avgust 2011


The Kobala open 2011 came to an end. We had a very very good weather which had to happen as we had a really bad weather last year.
Cloudbase over the tops on most of the days where we had to experience the whole area with high mountain ridge included.
Too bad that on the last day one of the Ukrainian guys tried to glider over the no landing area and touched the tree. He was driven to the hospital with a helicopter, we hope that he will be ok.

Saun, who was on second place overall made a mistake yesterday and bombed out. You can see the picture from yesterday, where we tried to cool down our angry heads.
So, Primoz won again the overall Kobala open with Franc Peternel in second and Stanislav Galovec on third place.

Our club won the nationals team prize.

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