sobota, 06. avgust 2011

Two week race

After three days at work while the weather was good for flying I finally got my day off on Friday and went in to the air after Worlds.

Now I got back home to Tolmin for 2 week racing at two comps. Dutch open and Kobala open. I will help Harm and Annet a bit with organising things here in Tolmin and try to spare myself for a race in my home valley Soca valley.
I got a new skin for my Viper S harness, looks great and I hope I can test fly it before the comp starts. Changing it was a piece of cake as I watched Primoz doing the same thing with Reginas harness. Only problem is attaching all the ropes at right spots otherwise it would be a matter of 10 minutes.

The weather.... Ah weather this year.
Seems like first day will maybe be Tuesday or Wednesday for sure. From then on we should have good conditions for racing here.
This is one way good as we will get a fresh old and new Belgian champion on its way from Laragne, Jochen. Congrats Jochen :D
Jamie and Carl will come and many more, so nice to have them all here in Tolmin.

There will also be an event where we will have Dennis Pagen talking about Secrets of thunderstorms, avoiding them, predicting and so on. Seems like many pilots both HG and PG will come to the event.

Tolmin is going to be very crouded place in the air for next month. 14 days of our race, then the first ever in the world Serial class PG comp and Polish open PG as well.

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