sreda, 10. avgust 2011

First task too much?

Even I was surprised by the views today we had over Tolmin, you could see from Venice to Croatia. We have had a nice thermal up to 2200 m where at some point things rolled down in the mountains, so we went back out to the first hills. North wind was not such a problem as I thought we will have more turbulence then we had.
I wanted to go back to the hills next to Kobala while others went in to the start circle. Well they got up to 2600 m and I got stuck in the valley scratching to get back up. Did not worked out...
Seems like no one made it to the goal as the valley was hard to fly low.
Tomorrow looks like a another good day.

Here is Jamie landing in official landing field.

19:40 pm News is that 2 pilots made it to the goal today.

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