torek, 16. avgust 2011

Task 1, Kobala open

We started with 100 km task as u can see it in the last post from the morning. That was a new kind of task here with a turnpoint far west in Bovec valley. I made a mistake on second turnpoint coming too low. I spent at least 20 minutes there in Bovec valley and had to go back for a turn point while others where racing from there to the Polovnik ridge. I was quite fast afterwards and got in to the goal as 4th of the day but Suan was maybe 2 seconds behind and with more leading points. Alan took the second start gate and came in 6 minutes faster then me and Suan, we will see what leading points will say.
Primoz won the day ahead of Edoardo and Peternel on thirdt third place. I think that there will be around 12 pilots in goal with 50 in the competition.
Great flying we had today with great views over Kanin ridge. Looks like a long race this week.
Finally :)
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