četrtek, 11. avgust 2011

Second task

We did a traditional task today as the cloud base was much lower and we wanted to have more pilots in the goal. We worked it out.
Everyone was surprised about the low cloudbase, but the first day got us spoiled with the cloudbase that is usual for spring time, not now in the middle of the summer.
So we raced the ridges low all the time and I got in decent enough today.
Since I got away with the first group out of the gaggle I was easy going all the way and got in goal 5th today.
Elio was first in goal, leading most of the task, Carl was in second with Paolo from ITA third. 4 minutes afterwards I was coming in with Jochen close but he beat me by some seconds and leading points. I think around 25 to 20 pilots made it to the goal so the task was set quite right.
Tomorrow I guess another stable day with low cloudbase so we will play the valley again.

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