sobota, 14. junij 2008

Remembering of Bassano (Europians competion)

Today we went to the start wich was already in the cloud base. The weather man already told in betwen the lines that the weather will not improve trough the day enough to get the task, maybe a short one. We waited at the top for 5 hours until the task was cancelled. Right after that the rain started so we even did not get the possibility of jump from Emberger Alm. It is possible to see that pilots have to much of energy already after 3 non flying days. There was a lot of laugh when the weather man was describing the weather forecast and all the time steping from feet to the feet because of the cold. There was a memory of Bassano this year with that kind of cold. Today we have the family event, we don`t know what there will be. Maybe me and Nena can be the fother and the mother to the Slovenian team :=) Such a nice family… :=) Other wise we are having a great time with the team, always something to laff about.
We realy want to get the flying tomorow, we and the organisators :=) Tomorow frontal sistem is coming (again) so maybe we can fly to the east, runing away from the front and get the, flying from here to Villach. Hope so….
Enjoy you people who are in the sun !!!!
Regards from frogy land.

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Christina Quinn pravi ...

Hey Matjaz, it sounds like you are not having much luck in Austria with the weather. It is similar here in Australia! Very cold and raining all the time! But it is okay for me because i am recovering from my operation so it makes it easier that i'm not the only one not flying!! i hope you get some good weather soon!! good luck for the rest of the comp!