ponedeljek, 16. junij 2008

2nd competition day (Europians)

I haven`t been writing for past two days because accident of Richi Meyer overshaded whole yesterdays competition day. He went in to a tumble and died from impact.

Our deapest condolences to Richi`s family and his Swiss flying friends from all Slovenian team.

Two days before we were at family event where we were able to carv with rolerblades on the grass. The area was made for the kids but seems like there where just kids around. All the pilots where having fun either on skates, wire driving or just listening to the band.

Next day the task was set for 103 km from Emberger Alm to Villach, with two points in betwen. I went to low on the start and almost bombed out, but then I made it again and whent for the second start time.
With new rule of height reducing we had now to look for the time, the position and height. Now we had to go bellow 2200 m other wise we got the penatly points. It went quite good for me in the begining but the shade of the frontal sistem was moving realy fast so I had to land after 52km. First in goal was Italian national champion Ellio Cataldi but he was penalised for the height at the starting point so in the end he was third. He now leads the europians. The competition was won by Thomas Weissenberger.
After I landed I got the information about Richi, so the day ended in bad feeling for all of us.

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Ivan Laharnar pravi ...

Zdravo Matjaž!

A je kje kakšna uradna spletna stran tega evropskega prvenstva.

Drugče pa pohvale, da lepo pišeš na blog o dogajanju!

LP Ivan