četrtek, 19. junij 2008

150 km task (Europian championship)

Today we finally get the weather that is suitable for the Greifenburg area. Organistors set the task to 150 km over Lienz to Oblaser Alm and then back to Hermagor, a turning point at the end of the Greifenburg valley and then to the goal.
I flew quite good untill I made a wrong desicion wich grounded me before Hermagor. Fillipo Opici won the day aldo he was not the fastest in goal. Ploner was first but got penatly for the height over start cilinder. Flying was quite ruf at some points in the valley but in the end the day was great for flying. Lot of spectacular views over Moltal iceberg many crossings over the valleys. Looks like tomorow will be something the same. Last day of my first Europian championship wich won`t end up with the wishes that I had before the comp but still a good learning about comp flying and setting the glider to get the performance and handling you need for a good flying.
Spain puted their invoice for the next Europian championship in 2010. It wil be held in Ager a bit less moistoring area and hopefully better conditions the they were here in Greifenbur, but that is our sport we depend on the weather.

I woke up with a big headacke, hope that I get better by tomorow and be more in the mood for a good flying.

My flight today

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