sreda, 11. junij 2008

3. task cancelled

We woke up in to the sunny morning. The forecast showed for thunderstorms in the afternoon. The weather looked great at first site but the weather man told that it is too unsafe for task to be set. They cancelled the day and most of us jumped down from Emberger Alm to the landing field. Now we are siting here in the rain with lightening. The weather forecast for next days is realy bad, even hailstons are predicted and northern from here, winds up to 140 km/h. It is still a long way till the end of the competition so I am sure that we will get some flying in those days.

Here are some picutres from today

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Desiree pravi ...

Heej Matjaz & Nena!
It's nice you write in English on your blog, so we can enjoy your stories. Nice pictures too.
Your fans from Fenix wish you good luck and nice and safety flights!
Go for it!
See you soon at Kobala.
Desiree, Rob & Caspar