torek, 10. junij 2008

2. task Europians

We finnaly got the taskable day. 105 km task has been made over the ridge above Greifenburg and then to Hermagor, back to Greifenburg to the end of the valley and back. It was a day better to stay high. I was tree times low and got back in the game. Flying back to the goal I saw a big cross over the landing field wich meant that the task has been cancelled in betwen. It was cancelled half an hour before I riched the goal. Gerolf was maybe the first one in goal, not sure. We will se the unnoficial results later. 3 slovenian pilots made it to goal before the canceling of the task, Franc, Peter and Primoz. They mesured me for 76 km so we will se where do I stand.
Sorry for no pictures today but Nena is learning for the scholl here at the camping site so no pictures from the start.

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