torek, 03. junij 2008

Airborne again

Finnaly got in to the air after week in Greifenburg. Now we had a two day competition for slovenian league. First day was cancelled due to overcasted sky and raining in betwen. Some flew in the afternoon but we went with Alan and his girlfriend for a meat or vegetable pancakes. On Sunday the weather was better and flew the task of 70 km. It was an interesting race with light lift. I was short of goal line for 4 km so ...... :) It was a good training for europians next week so every minute of flying was in count. I feel good on my glider after more flying hours than last year in that period of the time.
Hope that the weather will improve other wise I would leave tomorow for Greifenburg to get some air time again there. Maybe on Thursday, we will see.

Some pictures from the week. ALBUM

The fabolous pancakes

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