torek, 13. marec 2012

Practice day

I kind of went over a fever that grounded me past week after more than 10 years. I am not used to lay down all day and just sleep it over but somehow it looked like I needed that but just for 2 days after that I was already annoying to everyone in the room.

Polona came back from Australia with my new Matrix. I rushed to repack the chute and drive back to fly on Lijak. As it looked like a N wind this was a place to be. I flew straight to Ajdovscina to make a registration and got a ride back. Wonderful to have a comp in your home area, everything is simpler, yet we will see tomorrow in the air :) The real deal.

Looks like great weather for all days so long 5 days of racing ahead of us. Follow the official blog and my blog for all the details, I will be blogging live from the take off and goal ( I hope :) Still did not figure out how to write in the air :P
Twitter on your right, news in right here. Fingers crossed for a great race.

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