torek, 06. marec 2012

2011 year in 2.27 minutes

Year 2011 was quite a travel year for me. It al started with Florida and N8 producers trip from where it all started with a big kick :)
Having such a phone with me lead to that, that I have now many many footage from any kind of time in the year. Flying, partying, jokes, relaxing.... You name it.
Why not use them all in one video and make something out of it, anyway one day I will be able to look at that video as we look at the albums and say: "That was one hell of an interesting year"

Come on a trip with me ;)

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J pravi ...

lepa !
p.s:kir komad je to ? seka :P

Matjaz Klemencic pravi ...

Prečekiraj malo Nero - ta ;)