četrtek, 15. marec 2012

2nd day Winter race

When we drove with Jochen towards Ajdovscina with calm air in Gorica we where both surprised to see the wave clouds over the hills above the take off. Looks like almighty "burja" came in with strong E wind. No prediction was not showing us it might could happened so the organiser decided to push the nature and sent us to the Kovk take off.

Strong back wind, I thought it is going to be cancelled right away but organiser waited for the wind to drop down and turn.

It did drop down, so the first paragliders came over our heads thermaling, but for taking off it was too much back wind.
The Italians went to Lijak take off in Nova Gorica and flew over us very high yet we where sitting down all day trying to make the biggest joke out of the waiting time.

Task was finally cancelled and 3 pilots made it in to the air in a small period of, hm zero wind, I was prepared as well but had to derrig as the wind started from the back again.

Looks like a good day for tomorrow, at least I hope so :)

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