sreda, 14. marec 2012

1. task Aeros Winter race

First day, forst day of the season actually. No one was not questioning too much as everyone knew we re going up to fly tha task for sure.
Organisers did it it with 100 km task up and down the Vipava valley. Nothing really special, but with a nice crossing over the big gap towards Nova Gorica and my kinder garden flying place Lijak.

I did a bad start, actually I just made a decision on starting with the first start gate, because I saw how mane people went off. I can not stay behind, so I raced and already got with the first on the ridge towards Nanos antenna. Day had a lot of weight on how much you know the area as I had few times pushed on when I knew it could work our better and it did. I flew with Christian Chiech for quite some time, thermaling with him was like flying on powder always having my safe distance from him. I sleep too much in the last thermal where the group from behind catched us out on the flat and they made this 20 m more which was enough to put 4 pilots ahead of me on the last ridge racing part of the race.

Tom made quite a low and push race but in the end made it to the first place with 1000 points just seconds ahead of Christian Chiech and Davide Guiducii in third. I was racing with Christian Zehetmaier who kindly outraced me for some seconds. We where all in in less then a minute.

Nice race, nice task, tomorrow looks quite the same so we will see what organisers will have to tell us at the briefing at 12 on Kovk take off.

However, not a nice day for Monique who had an accident on landing when here rescue chute opened at 20 m so she punched down from there. She said she did not opened it so it looks like it was the very moment of system failure. She is in hospital stable and all of our thoughts are with her, we all know she is strong woman.

RESULTS (Every day on from 21pm, other organisers could learn something from that)

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