sobota, 17. marec 2012

3rd task 4th day of Winter race

Whoever thought that RACE name in the tittle of the comp can actually affect the comp so much...

Today we gathered at take off, while I hardly believed we will actually fly as the forecast was due to a really strong W wind.
I got my glider together and did not even touched the harness but in the end it all started to happen as the race will go on. 102 km long task, while I was thinking about we wont have it. Well the wind did not picked up so much so we where in the air in no time.

Clouds started to evolve quite early after we took off and soon we where out in the flats thermaling for the start height.
Booming conditions and a quick start to the race with high heights for most of the pilots. Considering the strong wind that was stronger with the height, those who where flying lower had a better air and where flying faster then the rest of us under the cloudbase.

61 km/h average at 100 km task tells the story of my home place :)

Here in March :D
I, however was slow too much, loosing every km by km from point to the point, you know the day when everything goes wrong :)

Well in the end I messed up the mess even more, went our to the flats and got to the cloudbase with really good thermal so I got in to the goal 15th almost half an hour behind the first. Not good at all but in the end I managed to stay in top 10 overall.

My glider? I can finally observe the race, not struggling for the best core as it does it by its self. Standing in the crowded space is a piece of cake as you can easily climb up among the others, it is just the decisions that make the difference and that is me, the pilot.
I had a great run with Christian Chiech, with his Laminar. I played out every thermal we got in together, I wont say much of the gliding as we chosen different lines when he got lower then me. In the end his practical knowledge got him in front of me. Hey, I have at least 15 years to learn the tricks that he knows at his age :)

He deserved to be the firs in the race as he chosen the best options and the best lines, Tom Weissebnberger did a great job on all days running for the podium, Christian Zehetmaier just did overall good job with push down to the balls racing days and got to the third place.

Good job for organisers :) When the weather is good it is easy, but yes they did a great job. I love seeing foreign pilots being satisfied with the organisation here.

Another great competition from this team.

Next Saturday, dogs races of our league competition, then Bassano, uh.... I hope my boss is not looking at this :D I know my pocket gives a f... about it, but I know I will when next "small" payment comes ;)

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