sreda, 28. marec 2012


Since Winter race finished I am at work every day for 9 days now while I have to look at the guys at 3000m over Lijak take off flying the best weather in the year.
I could catch a bit of it before work but my car refused to help as it has problems with his engine so I am ground "dead".
Really really frustrating times, missing some of the best weather you can get here. Lets just hope it lasts for Bassano and I get some flying back from what work took from me.

Valic brothers?
2 brothers from Vipava valley, one of the best pg pilots in the world went on their own path producing their own wings now under the brand TRIPLE SEVEN. They already certified a wing that I might get a chance to fly one day, a easy wing with XC abilities. Well it is still a jelly ;) But they look very promising.
Why am I writing that?
Because they got a chance to fly in Tolmin over the mountain tops in the back of Tolmin and made a really nice video of it. Here is the video to look at. Damn I miss mountain flying!

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Petr Polách pravi ...

Hi! I was there that spectacular day! The weather and view was simply amazing. I flew my 160km from Sorica to Gemona and back.

I think a lot of ppl are not going to forget this day for very long time :D