četrtek, 24. junij 2010

Third day in Croatia

How can someone be so stupid as me... :) they took us to Ucka starting place with better forecast and 82km task. I started with the first gate and been soon left all alone but was doing nice before I head out to the flats. How can you be so stupid to go in to the flats all by yourself. I soon found myself on the ground in the middle of the task. I waited for more then half an hour to see first ones who came above me to a better conditions. They thermaled here to the cloudbase and follow the cloud street to the goal. WITH OUT A TURN. More then half pilots in goal, with me far behind. Carole Tobler did a good job and ended up 3th behing Primoz and Balazs. We can hear her all over the camp :)

Nice day, nice flying but for me too short....

Tommorow is a new day

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Kathryn pravi ...

I can feel the frustration in your writing ahhh!! Better luck tomorrow!