torek, 15. junij 2010

Croatia open 2010

Few more days and the summer part of competition season is starting also for me. On Sunday we are packing for Buzet in Croatia, already a traditional competition for us. Who can resist to drive only for 3 hours from Alps and fly the flats of Istria. Traditonaly well organised competition will this year bring pilots from Hungary, Czech and more. Too bad that it is in the same time as Dolomiti open, but hey, if weather doesn`t cooperate in the Alps now you know where to turn :)

When we come back I have 14 days of exams in scholl and then we are of for Ager. 5 pilots from Slovenia are leaving with a van and 2 girls who will take care of us on the ground.

1. Primoz Gricar
2. Franc Peternel
3. Alan Sattler
4. Stanislav Galovec
5. Matjaz Klemencic

Buzet will be a playground to look at the glider and make it perform as best as it can so we will be all ready for the Europeans.

Let the show begin! :)

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