sreda, 02. junij 2010

Cross Country magazine

As almost every other company, also the world known magazine Cross Country, steped in to the world of Facebook. They made a monthly competition of readers pictures, which can be published at their site and then pictures are voted by people who look at the Cross Country facebook page.
I got a chance to win the monthly competiton twice by generous help of my friends who where clicking the like button and won me first the heated gloves and this month a yearly subscription of Cross Country magazine.

There is a long history of this magazine in our family.
My fother was getting the magazine already when I was a child. I was able to read about endless combats of Manfred and Thomas, see the areas of the competitions trough the pictures and dreamed about taking part of it one day. Today this is reality so I am able to fly with Manfred, 15 years ago, this was a dream to me.
Even more, now I can see the picture of my self in the magazine :)

So how to say thank you to this generous gift I recived 14 days ago. In the package there was also a Travel guide magazine next to Cross Country so the idea was born.
I went to take off with an Atlas since I had my glider away at that moment, positioned the camera and whola, here it is.

No need for GPS anymore just look at the guide :)

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