petek, 25. junij 2010

92 km task Croatia open

Ucka, again...

We were on the take off where it looked like it will be a big possibility for thunderstom or local showers later. They set up a task of 92km and we scepticly started with second start gate. I flew realy nice and smooth with Balazs and Primoz. Over the second turnpoint we got low but we climbed back up and started our voyage to a blue sky on the flats. The sea breeze killed  every cloud in the sky, so we where brushing the tops of the hills from one small landing field to another. I landed on third turnpoint on 48km, two other pilots a bit in front and Primoz on 60km. Don't know how he managed over the plato but I think he saw a big part of it very up close :)

Carole Tobler landed in the same field as me, she is realy patient as she was rubbing the hill above the landing field for a long time. It was imposible to confront the sea breeze.

So, one more day tommorow.  

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