torek, 08. junij 2010

A flying weekend in Tolmin

There where numerous competitions around Slovenia this weekend, Austrian open in Austria and Carlo Zachentin in Italy but we needed to be here in Tolmin for a one day league competition. I was surprised to see Regina on top who came from Austria to enjoy flying in our valley. I got a nice present from her, thank you Regina :) Well we still had a nice 111 km task here in my home valley. I sticked with first Peternel trough the race but made the mistake in the end and landed short of goal few kilometeres. Too bad but still it was a fun flight trough the day.
There where numerous pilots from all over country here in Tolmin so it was nice to see that season actually started also on Kobala. We flew also on sunday where I took my time to take some pictures in the air.
On monday we got a nice visit from Timothy Ettridge who was in Austria at the competition, but we managed to get him here also :) We might take a flight today in the evening with him.

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