nedelja, 27. junij 2010

Croatian open 2010 the final countdown

Today we ended up the race of Croatia open 2010. The last task was set short due to big possibility of local showers. We finnaly started from Raspadalica take off. What could be better to rig the glider and take a shower before briefing. Magic :)

We spent some time in the air as a big shower moved towards us and the first lightening showed. They cancelled the task so I landed together with Primoz and Alan. Primoz won overall before bombastic Carol and Balazs on 3th place.

It was yet again a nice relaxed comp as it can only be in Istria. I messed up again on one day and spoiled my result to a 9th place, yesterday I ended 4th. Next year it is time to repair that.

I want to thank Regina and her space shuttle for driving us all over Istria and of course Jelena for retriving our car down and us.

I was shooting videos on GoPro so I have no clue what has been filmed, I need to wait until I get home to a computer and try to make a new video of it.

Now we are driving back home where we will stay for 14 days before Europeans at Ager Spain. If someone would ask me I would make a turn already now and get on the road to a bull country. Vamos :)

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