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Dreaming awake

Basssano ended up in rain for whole 5 days. Last day they manage to set up a small task but no one made it quite far. I used this time to work more and get my days off for upcoming events. Kulm cross country looks like might be the next, but, again there are some strange forecasts for the weekend.
Primoz called me from Bassano to join me on Monday to fly on Lijak as it looked like the only place to be flyable this time. I found out that getting my GoPro hero black on the sprog in our, "big rotor" conditions, is not the best idea. It worked nice in smooth Stanwell air but here it was sometimes to much as you need to jump in to the small cores of bumpy air over Lijak. I will need to make this magnetic stuff for the wing.
Never the less we flew, which is like a miracle gift this spring.
I use the days with too much wind to bike a bit and get some condition training with that. It is just nice to be outside after such a long period of rain.
Yesterday I got to find a new cut from Dreaming awake movie that is in the making under David Aldrich control. Really really quality stuff, I hope they come out with great story that will connect this amazing footage from steady cam systems and helicopter filming. If you have few minutes to sit down and relax take a ride with Dustin Jeffs and David on a flight over Big Sur.

Dreaming Awake in Big Sur from David Aldrich on Vimeo.

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Davide F.C. pravi ...

"Biiiiig rotor" will become very soon a scientific therm for meteorologists!!! I'm sure :D

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