torek, 16. april 2013

Spring is here

This weekend there where two comps scheduled in Austria and

I really looked forward to have a competition again, but the weather took its roll again. For Vipava however, it was looking great, so I choose to stay here and take as much flying out of free days that I got for myself.
Stephan and Achim from Germany contacted me, they wanted to escape from Germany and get out to the sun that was coming this weekend after long time of rainy weather.
My living room changed to a hostel again :) It is nice when you have a place to offer to people when they come to enjoy our sky.
On Saturday me and Davide where planing for big triangle but in the morning high clouds made us rolling out of the house really slowly, so we took off at 2 pm, but still I had a nice flight around Gorica area with nearly landing in Deskle after clouds shaded the valley off Soca and made
me scratching trees for quite some long time.
Next day was looking quite average, Polona and the rest of the young hang gliding team went to Kovk, we went to the ramp here thinking about flying to Ajdovscina and joining them.
After take off, we all found nice lift and suddenly clouds started to appear on the edge of Banjska plateau, ticket to Tolmin I said. Only one cloud and then a 25 km flight over high plateau but at 2000 m I decided to go for it. Davide changed his mind and went flying far to south to Vremscica, while Achim and Stephan tried to get higher. Flying to Tolmin went smoothly, so with both of my GoPros ready, I was looking at the white summits of our Julian Alps, hoping to get up to them and film this big amount of snow.
After returning from Stol I suddenly found Achim next to me, so we went straight to the mountains behind Tolmin. It was impossible to get back to Gorica, we tried but all clouds where gone already.
A bit of fun before landing with swooping the castle ruins above Tolmin which are clear of high trees now, be aware tourist now :) There will be quite some fun up there from now on I think :D
Needless to say that there where two happy faces on landing that day :)
After all, I had also filmed all of it, so I can share this moments with you. Speakers loud on, 4 minutes of time, 1080 HD please and... Enjoy :)

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