ponedeljek, 29. april 2013

Busy week

Remember my trip to Australia for World Championship this January? I was
there for three weeks and have been lucky enough to sleep at Roylance family that kindly took me and Tyler under their roof for whole time of staying in Forbes.
You can not imagine how much important it was to have a cool down place to sleep, a truly relaxed family to carry our ups and downs trough the competition, a lovely lady that was always willing to cook something for us. All in all, Roylances had a big role in our relaxed mood trough out the hell a like temperatures and epic long flying down under.
We talked about their trip to Europe this spring where we found out that with a small detour on their route, they could come on a visit to my place which I was pleased to show.
Few emails and whola, I suddenly saw a familiar face in my street, Debbie and Chris at my door. World is small, when you travel it a bit :)
I thought of the options that I could show them in only 1 day time and got trough the main views in our valley with Tolminka gorge and few mountain rides up with the car to see the views of our nature around. I felt myself like a tourist and Chris ones asked me, do I appreciate the surroundings I have at my home. My answer was that, after you go around and see places, you see many beautiful places that your foot step on to but in the end you also start to see your home a little bit different, more beautiful, not just as something granted. How to give back as much as possible in one day, while we where making noise in their house for nearly 3 weeks? I thought of only one thing that could make Chris day a remembering day here, a tandem ride with a hang glider. Sun came out, wind was perfect so we took a ride from Kobala in to the air. Not quite long flight but am sure a memorable one.

After a nice dinner they went on to Italy, while for me, the air was waiting. We flew two days with quite stable conditions, the Rx is proving on every flight to be the best choice for any kind of weather, racing, punchy small thermals anything you name it. I am really satisfied with this glider.
I hoped to fly another competition in Laveno but it was a third competition that had to be cancelled this year. Hope that for Austria open, skies clear up enough that we go on with comp season that I am really looking forward to.
On Thurdays I stopped at the local airfield to meet the guy who runs the scholl for trike flying which I am looking a bit in to, maybe after the season. We ve meet an old friend that works at Pipistrel factory, running numerous hours in the planes, I see him there working every time I stop by. He offered a flight to us, so I was happy to have my camera in my pocket, ups, Lumia 920 that captured a bit of loops and spins we did with it. Loved it! I hope one day we make it to fly a Taurus sailplane up to our mountains, a sailplane where you seat next to each other not like normally behind each other.

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