torek, 07. maj 2013

Comp season?

I guess most visited web sites among Europe pilots now are weather sites,
well that might be always :) Austria open was postponed, so 5th competition was gone. I hope next week it turns out better to fly this competition. New area for me there but am really looking forward for some competition flying.
I tried a new mount that Alexandra is using on a daily basis. Batten sticking out from the nose, I don`t know how she makes it, I just strapped a batten to the keel hoping for a good landing. In case of bad landing it would punch trough the sail so better be confident about your landings before doing this.
As Austria open was postponed I rushed to work to change the free days, luckily I was able to switch the days and yet got a Sunday free. On Sunday, there will be an interesting competition in Planica. Red Bull 400 is a competition where runners compete against each other on running up to the flying ski jumping hill. It used to be the biggest in the world before they build a new one in Vikersund 2 years ago.
I remember the days when we went to train there when I was a young boy, we where jumping on 90m hill but I was always looking at the summer times to start the real flying. But, in the end watching them flying with skis makes me want to start it all over again. I think wingsuiters have some kind of same sensation when they fly over the rocks, changing their position with just a small moves on the body.
So, many years ago I was flying down, now I will try to run up. I am not in some great shape for running but I will give it a try and I need to get to the top, even on all four :D
Here is a video of the competition from last year

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