četrtek, 11. april 2013

Tracklogs from Worlds in Forbes

Sander van Schaik made this nice photoshop file of the tracks that we have made in Australia marathon World Champs in January. I came up with an idea to imprint them in to the map of Slovenia with the same measurements and look how it looks like. Nothing special to a XC pilot but I think very nice shot to show to people who are not familiar with our sport. I get this questions lots of time, how far can you fly, how long time etc. This picture tells a story how it looked like to fly this epic Worlds. Imagine you fly exhausted for many days and you land nearly in Munchen, then you rush back home, throw something in to yourself and next morning you need to be all prepared for another round of 200 km of flying.
I remember that when we took of with a plane from Sydney I fell a sleep and woke up 3/4 way to Dubai. I sleepd for nearly 9 hours. Iranian guy next to me was nearly laughing when he saw my face looking at the screen where we are. He said: "Man you had to have hard time in Australia". Hard, but sweet! :D
As we are looking at the picture of Worlds track logs, each line represents one task of 10 days that we flew. Some went far away, some where triangles, so you even don`t get the right impression of all the long flying. But, lets take a look at the World record that Jonny and Dustin where on too and was made by Dustin in the end. This is how it would look like to fly a hg World record from Nova Gorica.

Quite impressive I would say :) Imagine your phone call after landing. "Hey there, you have some time to come to pick me up?". Hm, yes... "Ok, I am close to Netherlands, take your time" :D