torek, 26. marec 2013

Bassano Deja vu

Another Easter is coming soon this weekend with traditional Bassano competition in Bassano del Grappa. However, as you might have noticed, Europe is still deeply in winter. I massive turn around with cold that was not present like this in last 50 years.
Looking at Ilmeteo and speaking to our team, we decided to stay at home and look if some miracle happens in terms of weather. Staying there in caravan while it is snowing 500 m above your head is not a nice experience, at least not for 5 days in a roll. So, like last year, a bit of gamble at home, I am sure organizers will push for a 40 km tasks to hold in the funds they got from entry fees, but this year with out mine. I decided not to pay in advance as last year, first they talked about some refunding, but in the end they stopped answering the emails we where sending down to them. At least they could say, no.
Shot with Lumia 920
Last Friday was great for flying already trough forecast. We had
an yearly meeting with our club so I choose to go to Tolmin and try the low take off just above village Volče. Few years back I was taking of here on a something like this day and got to fly to 2500m in strong N wind to Italy and back. I rigged the glider on top all alone as I left the car waiting on top. It is a 10 minute drive from landing area. I was prepared already at 12 but it seems like this is the best time to be there in early spring. Really light wind that had some windows of stronger wind, so I waited for this interval. 
I took off and went straight up slowly to 2000m when I crossed over
to the white circus. I tried to fly close to the ridge but it was not working like we are used to so I had to climb up outside where it was screaming up at the moments. Somehow my camera decided not to work so I was left with out epic shots of flying in this vast area of snow. Guess I will have to try again after this bad period of weather goes over. It was amazing to fly at home again after a long time. I have not seen no one in the air for 2 hours of flight, only birds and lots looots of snow. Lets hope for another day like that.

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