petek, 15. marec 2013

Aeros Winter race task1

Finally sky turned blue today at least for a bit. Quite strong N wind was forecasted in the higher layers but it did not seemed like it is too strong when we cam to the take off. Around 25 pilots showed up, many many stayed at home as it was a long drive, too long for a two day flying.
Organizers came up with 51 km task with a bit of local flying but then with long crossing out towards the sea to Trstelj and then following the small ridge in the flats to Anja landing. They did that because of N wind that was predicted to be stronger in the landing area so they made the task more outside of the ridge.
I took of second behind Manfred Trimmel and got a nice lift with Franc up to 2000m. Super smooth air, unbelievably smooth for the forecast. Our start cylinder was more outside in the flat so I went for no guts no glory chance to go in the direction of first turnpoint out in the flats. With N wind flats are working, normally and I saw paragliders one hour before us with lift outside. Looooong glide with nothing to hang on to so I had to go back and start it all over lower than the first group. I cathed up with them and started quite decently but as the day got a bit better with climbs up to 2 m/s (yes that was good in the beggining) I raced a bit more and got myself in the shade low which today was a mistake. Landed before going out to the flat.
Guys who took a bit more conservative had a chance to take the climbs that where higher and actually made it to the goal with zero sun on the course.
Lots of points for the winner Christian, and really nothing for us behind. Looks like tomorrow will be another just a day race for me to feel better after stupidness I did today in my home yard :)

Anyway, looks like I trimmed the glider for our temperatures good, I was climbing very good in low lift with much more ballast than in Australia and glides where looking very promising and relaxed.

Tomorrow looks like a D day with W wind and Kovk take off.

In the evening we had a price giving ceremony from our Olympic commitee for our result in Turkey last year. It was nice to stand among so many great athletes, that dedicate their life to their sport, just like we do.

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