sreda, 13. marec 2013

First day of a Winter race

Well... :) Looks like the dates where set in the worst possible part of the year, but you can`t do anything while scheduling a comp half a year in advance.
I understand the decision of the organizers to try with the first dates as second possibility looks even worse. We have a chance maybe on Friday but it looks like lots of N wind. I hope there wont be pushing in to the dangerous conditions just because we want the valid race. Saturday looks great and cold. Sunday? Well Sunday it shall rain again.
I am at home, going to work in the afternoon, seems like there is no competition around for me at this time :) But, it is easy when you live here, much harder if you re stuck here waiting for the sky to open up a bit. Organizers are doing good job sending out messages over Facebook about what is happening in their minds with plans for next days. They will organize a trip for pilots to Postojnska Jama, one of touristic pearls in Slovenia.

I got one epic news yesterday from Nokia, who will provide me a new best off, Lumia 920. I need a tool like that for having this blog running like it should with great pictures and as live and fast as possible. Really looking forward to get this state of the art machine in to my hands.

I said, pictures yes, no picture from today, it is just too ugly outside to picture anything :D Fingers crossed for Friday that winds will die down a bit more than forecasted and we get two days to battle it out. Feels like piece of cake after Australia marathon flying :)

You can take a look at a live picture from camera pointing towards take off Lijak in Nova Gorica HERE

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