petek, 20. julij 2012

4th task Italia open

Yesterday we where back on the mountain above Gemona. They managed somehow to get an airspace to run the race even do we had listen to the fighter jets over our heads high all day. Even now at 7 am they have  a practice.

They set up a small 82 km task down to Cividale and out on the flats. Quite a hard one as there was not so much lift as there was two days before. A long leg out in the blue flats and back. I went away from the first group to take Cividale turn point and got back hoping for a nice thermal to get me over the stack. I managed and from there on the game was easier to play. Suan pulled out to the flats and got a thermal on the way. We rushed there and climbed a bit. I pulled out again and found another one just 1km before the turn point in blue sky. Flying back to the ridge I was with Suan, Manfred and Ploner. I choose to go more south to the ridge where we climbed before while others went straight to the ridge. I got a nice lift so from here on only me Manfred and Alex followed on the course.
The last kicking thermal we had I went a bit out to search for better lift where they passed me by 100m. Small mistake but enough to get me 6 minutes behind. I chose the ridge flying back while Alex and Manfred went straight out to the flat and got a better air.
As I saw no one behind I chose to get more height and make that goal. Strong wind valley just pushed me in to the goal so I could make it a lot faster but as there are rare landings around the landing, only river calls for an adventure.

Finally I sort it out a bit in this comp :)
Looks like today is the final day of the competition. Weather forecast is not so good, maybe something small. We will see.

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