četrtek, 19. julij 2012

3rd task Italia open

We had to go to Cercivento area to fly yesterday as it looked like that jet fighters wont care about Notam and will have their practice in these days right in our area. Really bad. I had a close encounter with an MX jet plane as it was making circles right when we flew cross the valley with a group of 5 pilots. I told Primoz we might get a thermal but as we got closer it went in to up and passed me in front by about 500 m. Interesting to see, but I did not felt quite safe. He saw us then and immediately left us. 
I expected some turbulence but it did not happened, I only smelled the kerosene from his exhaust.

So to the day. I rigged and found out my wing tip stick was missing and was waiting for me at the landing from the day before in Meduno. No flying for me yesterday. Since I did a huge mistake on the first day I already took the comp as a learning process and am just enjoying racing around and exploring the area. Good training for Turkey I would say, especially with every day briefing at 8:30 which is logical as we have to get many pilots quite far on to the mountains.

They set up a small task with big cylinders around the turn points. Cloud base was very low but it rised up for a normal day and a small task. Lots of pilots in goal. I was there as a kid that is not aloud to play in the kindergarten... Manfred won the day and is leading now with his proto wing. He is like machine in the air.
Suan was second on his home ridges and mountains.

Hope that today I can fly :D I retrieved the stick and am looking forward for another day in the air.

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